It Takes a Lot of Work to Be This Lazy


feeding moirails is hard work



Okay so hi, my name is Simon and I live with my mom after a big thing that happened, and she’s done so much for me and her birthday is soon, and she’s so sweet so like, I’d like to do something for her birthday! I don’t have a scanner and can only use pictures but! Hi.  -fifty cents for a half page of doodles as many as I can fit of whatever you like! Want about twenty doodles of your furry boyfriend! I can do that. 75 cents for it colored and more cleaned up  -1 dollar for a full page and 1.25 for colors .i won’t do nsfw I’m sorry but I’m more than likely going to use this to buy my mom something I wouldn’t feel right using porn money to do it.  .my paypal is (I think I’m new please exuse my shitty username haha.))  .the size of the paper is the size of the pad and you can check the tagged/lava+doodle for examples of my stuff

King Baby says No
Anonymous:  Are you Hispanic? :^0

Yes. My dad’s family is Puerto Rican but alas, I am as white as my mom’s side. 


hey hello hi yes would you like the sketch of this. Found it while cleaning out my desktop quick screens.  snarly highbubu sketch





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Ok so tigers are my favourite animal and this literally kills me.I have 12,000+ followersif each one of you donated like £3 it would be huge.Please and thank you.

NOO! Sign every single petition, donate, adopt! Please!